About Us

About Us


Stay Scheming was founded on a passion for unique products that embody a confident, fashion forward lifestyle.

As the founder of Stay Scheming I have always had a passion for sneakers. Wanting to be different I thought of an idea that would help give you the ability to wear shoes without blending in with everyone else.

There sparked my idea for lacelock accessories for shoes, our most popular product. We give our customers the option to make their very own custom lacelock accessories to express themselves or buy one of our many unique current designs already made.

I have been collecting and in the sneaker industry for many years now, a passion that has lasted clear before Stay Scheming was born. Allowing me to turn my love for fashion and sneakers into a career. From there I combined clothing and sneaker lacelock accessories to form my brand.

Stay Scheming is something everyone can wear no matter what their style is. We love to change our style every day based on how we are feeling that day. We dislike labeling our look as any certain style. I know there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way. Stay Scheming was created for that person. Everything We create is something that we would want to have in our own closet!

Our entrepreneurial mindset and drive for success lets us create constantly evolving, quality products.

Our excellent customer service, exclusive products, and original style set us apart from the rest.

Work Hard, Stay Scheming.